All of our pilots have the official theoretical qualifications, practices and advanced pilot certificates required, as well as all the insurance required for greater security and peace of mind for our customers.

We are a drone operating company authorized by AESA with fully qualified pilots to control our drones in multiple situations to adapt and carry out all our work.

Services provided Include


Our equipment has latest generation cameras obtaining superior resolution and stability for all types of recordings, reports and photographic service with unbeatable finishes.

Thanks to our audiovisual producers, our works stand out for their unsurpassed finish.

Precision farming

We fly over any type of crop collecting images with a multispectral camera to generate a report that indicates deficiencies, excesses, water stress, or possible pests. An advance that will save us costs and improve quantity and quality.

Industrial inspections

Thanks to the drone of FlyWork Drone and the latest technology in thermal cameras, we can detect the deterioration of any type of structure significantly reducing the time of operations, without the need to put operators at risk and lowering costs by not needing so expensive tools .


The aerial shots with our drones allow us to perform better the measurements of terrain managing to inspect the most complex surfaces in a faster, agile and precise way, thus reducing costs. Flywork drone has excellent support tools for topographers, architects, engineers, lawyers … who need any type of topographical study.

Search and rescue

Our teams access places that are practically inaccessible until today, allowing rescue and emergency teams a global and aerial vision that offers them the possibility of taking the right decisions more effectively.

Control of spills

Our images help the collection of graphic material for the documentation and reporting of aggressions against the environment


Our Address:

C / Tinajeros, Nº 37 (Commercial premises), 02600 Villarrobledo (Albacete)


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