Local Drone Pilots Direct Professional Membership FAQ

Want to leverage your professional skills by joining the most reputable drone pilot registry in the United
Kingdom? Get all of your questions answered before you begin.

Can I Get Access to OSC Pilots?

We maintain an extensive database of trained and certified Operating Safety Case (OSC) pilots. This includes pilots within our own program, as well as independent pilots. Simply use the map in your membership dashboard to find an OSC pilot near you.

Can I Get Access to Drone Discounts?

We offer discounts through trusted industry partners, for both Professional and Amateur Membership accounts. You can access up to date discount codes on your dashboard.

How Can I Get Access to Membership Discounts?

All membership discounts can be accessed by visiting your account dashboard.

How Long is the Membership Period for Professional Accounts?

Professional membership lasts for one year after confirmation. Renewal fees are discounted to £100 for every successive anniversary.

Can I Cancel my Membership Early? Is There a Refund?

Cost of membership covers website development, administrative expenses, and miscellaneous production expenses. It is non-refundable.

What is the Forum Used For?

We like to keep chat and networking to our public and member groups. Our forum is strictly a location for information sharing and the latest insider information on drone technology. Our forum supports our outreach programs and is a valuable source of operations manuals, regulations, and guides on certification. If you are looking for a highly curated data repository that is specific to the drone industry, then you’ll want to sign up for membership at Local Drone Pilots Direct today and visit our forum.

Can I Visit Your Facebook Page?

We operate two pages on Facebook. One is our fully open public facing page, where customers and other interested Facebook users can learn more about our drone business directory and the services that are offered. We also maintain a closed Facebook group that is exclusively for our members. You’ll need a Professional Membership to access the closed group, and you’ll find it to be a valuable source of information and network building. A vibrant community of the most experienced drone pilots and industry insiders can help you to learn, expand your business reach, and meet like-minded people who share the same passions as you. You’ll also find our industry partners in our closed group, giving you access to vetted sources of drone parts, accessories, and other related items for sale. Even if you’re not ready to sign up, we invite you to visit our public Facebook page to learn more about our company and how we help drone operators to grow and succeed.

What is Your Twitter Account?

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates here.

What is Your YouTube Channel Name?

See our latest videos by visiting us on YouTube here.

What Locations are Covered by Members?

Members of Local Drone Pilots Direct cover the entire United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and USA. Visit our member profile and map page to see where our current members operate.

How is My Information Displayed as a Professional Member?

We list your most important business information on Local Drone Pilots Direct. Our drone directory is one of the most active in the United Kingdom and Ireland. High search rankings and organic traffic make us the most competitive directory that will help you to grow your business. Examples of what can be included in your directory listing include:
  • Your business name and website address.
  • Telephone and online contact details.
  • An introduction to your business including specializations and areas served.
  • All services offered.
  • Awards and accreditations.
  • Customer ratings.
Note that the information in your directory listing can develop over time as you build your customer base and generate feedback etc.

What Advantages Are Offered with the Professional Membership?

Our website comes with the benefit of a competitive search ranking and indexing across the web. This results in more opportunities to connect with our customers, who can become your customers in the future. In addition to your business listing on Local Drone Pilots Direct, you will also receive:
  • Free access to upload to our stock video and photo library where we offer a competitive commission on all sales.
  • Access to our highly regarded educational drone pilot programs.
  • Free access to our online marketplace for the sale of drone accessories, parts, and equipment.
  • Competitive and exclusive limited discounts through our Drone industry partners.
  • Opportunities for professional networking through our private member’s Facebook group.
  • Access to our shop for Local Drone Pilots Direct branded clothing and other drone industry products.
  • Access to our future business meetings that are designed to share insights into the industry, while providing a robust platform for professional networking.
  • Access to our tools like flight logging, risk assessment forms, and others that will help you to run your business.
We continually update and modify our benefits to provide the best service to both you and our customers. These benefits are subject to change. There are great things on the horizon!

Is It Possible to Pay for a Monthly Membership?

So that we can deliver a reliable service to our customers and to our members, we only offer yearly memberships. This ensures that we list only the most committed qualified drone pilots in the industry.

How Does the Instant Quote System Work?

We have developed an easy to use system that puts individuals and businesses in contact with certified and highly trained drone pilots. The system works seamlessly to provide recommendations based on geographic area in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our customers who seek drone pilots for hire can use our automatic instant quote form to input details of their upcoming projects in aerial filming, photography, surveying, thermal flight etc. Customers provide their flight location, ideal flight date, and preferred contact method. They can also select how many different quotes they would like to compare, with a limit of 10 quotes in their nearby area. The system automatically provides information for the closest operators that meet the customer requirements. Professional members receive these quotes directly via email so that follow up can be made. You’ll also find pending quotes in your membership dashboard. A summary of all recent instant quotes is also provided through the dashboard area, so you’ll see exactly how active the marketplace is. Keep in mind that an instant quote is never a guarantee of work. It’s a pathway that puts you in contact with paying customers who are looking for the services that you offer. You may not receive a reply from a customer after providing a quote. It’s essential that you promote yourself, your unique skillset, and the benefits that you can provide. The more information you can offer, the better! Customers may also use the map search to find pilots in their area, so it’s essential that your map pin location is up to date. Our map of qualified pilots is one of our most visited pages, and it’s a major source of lead generation for our valued members. We cannot overstress how important it is that all of your details are up to date, so that you’ll have the best opportunities to link up with customers near you.

Can I Change My Map Location After Creating My Account?

Absolutely! We understand that situations change, and people move. You can visit your dashboard to update your location.

How Can I Purchase Branded Safety Clothing?

We offer high quality branded safety clothing that can be ordered directly from your member’s dashboard.

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Professional Membership?

Initial membership is priced at £120 and is followed by the renewal fee.
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