The commercial drone sector is growing at an unprecedented rate, and UAV adoption and interest has reached incredible levels across the United Kingdom. From real estate marketing to engineering surveys, drones have changed the way that we work and interact.

Absolute Drones is a new directory service that focuses entirely on the UAV market in the UK. For all the developments that have been made in drone technology, it can be relatively difficult for service providers, interested consumers, government entities, and other organisations to find accurate details for companies that operate within the UAV industry. Perhaps more detrimental than anything else, until now, the information that does exist is spread across multiple platforms, and has been difficult to consolidate and understand.

Widespread Benefits Offered Through a Unique Business Directory for UAVs

To provide support to the industry and those interested in discovering freelance professionals and UAV focused service providers, Absolute Drones will provide listings for drone manufacturers, retailers, aerial film and photography companies, survey/inspection/mapping companies, and even training providers and tertiary organisations with interest in UAVs.

This directory will bring benefits on many levels;

  • Consumers will be able to find local businesses for hobby and enthusiast grade UAV sales and support.
  • Professionals will discover leading UAV focused companies for potential employment opportunities and networking.
  • Companies seeking to leverage the benefits of drone technology will be able to find service providers for aerial photography, surveying, site inspection etc.
  • The general public could find listed businesses that provide UAV photography or filmography for special events.
  • Any business in the UAV industry or related industry will be able to list their business, gaining essential exposure for the purpose of marketing, lead generation, and local search optimisation.

Free Listings for Any Business or Professional

Businesses and independent service providers can list for free on Absolute Drones, with the opportunity to display basic business or trading name information, along with basic contact details and sector tagging (for business type). For businesses that want to maximize their exposure and potential interactions, premium listings are available.

Premium listings allow for a richer display of information, which can include detailing the services that are offered, indicating various customer groups that are served by the business, special features and facilities that are offered by the business, and premium listing can even outline the specialist staff skills that are offered.

Premium listings also gain the benefit of more prominent search and organic browsing results on the Absolute Drones platform.


All directory listings on Absolute Drones are user generated, however, Absolute Drones may take steps to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of information.

It is the aim of Absolute Drones to provide directory listings that represent the most comprehensive state of the UAV services market in the United Kingdom. Administrators will take steps to ensure that listings are true representations of the businesses of each directory entrant. All information displayed is subject to review and may change, and Absolute Drones does not accept liability for errors or omissions of any kind.

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