Expert Drone Repair Needed?

Imagine crashing your drone only to discover it’s dead or physically broken. It happens all too often and many of us panic. It may be the first time, but probably won’t be the last.

** That’s where USA Drone Repair comes in **

Here at USA Drone Repair, we are one of only a handful of independent repair facilities is the USA that service and repair drones. We assess damage and let you know the cost and feasibility to repair your drone. At USA Drone Repair we understand that you could be losing valuable business or important play time waiting on expert drone repair. Some repair shops and manufacturers seem to need mandatory bench time that exceeds 2 weeks. We get your drone in and out as quickly as possible and our expert drone repair technicians can do it with our hi-tech tools. Typical turn-around time is 5-10 business days if parts have to be ordered. If needed parts are in stock, typical repair time is 3-5 days on average. In some cases we can even repair and ship the same day received.

USA Drone Repair is fully equipped to repair most types of damage to your drone including gimbal damage and water/liquid damage. We repair anything from crashes, defects, to dead drones. We can repair your drone generally for less than most repair centers or retail shops. Everything is repaired in-house. There is no sending your drone off to the manufacturers repair center and waiting 2-3 months to get it back. We repair it right here with our expert drone repair.


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48 N Belmont St, Ste 101,Colorado Springs, CO 80911


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