Using aerial video for property marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of showing the most significant elements of a property, like location, layout, neighbouring properties, boundaries, proximity to other buildings, towns, villages and facilities. It is also a very quick and convenient method of ‘touring’ the premises to show different elevations, outbuildings and, of course, the view of the surrounding area.

So why not do it?

The usual responses are cost and inconvenience. Videos can be expensive to make and deliver and typically require a diverse range of skills and resources, and hosting them can be a nightmare of bandwidth and and download problems if not tackled properly. The good news here is that we have devised a video package that includes all the necessary skills and resources at unusually reasonable prices, far less than traditional costs.

Even a simple short video like this one can convey far more than ground level photos or video, and far more than mere words. It also doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive or complex to film and edit. We can film, edit and host videos at very short notice and provide electronic files, embed code,  or upload them to the medium of your choice.

Aerial photography

Aerial photos are also far more likely to show a property off to the best advantage, and thanks to modern drone technology, much easier to achieve than you might think. Check out our aerial photography article for more information.

Aerial video & photography for property marketing

“Pleasant rural location with outstanding countryside view”  – This is the shot that will sell the property.

Bedaphoto for aerial video

Bedaphoto are a fully accredited and qualified UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operator with full CAA permission for commercial work, which enables us to fly and film in areas not open to amateurs. We are fully insured and experienced in the production of aerial videos and photography, as well as having over 30 years’ experience of delivering professional design and promotional work to most areas of industry and commerce.

In other words, customers who use aerial video for property get a first class finished product with a lot of added value to get the job done.

Talk to us to find out just how simple and cost-effective adding movement to your sales can be.

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