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UK Police to Begin Testing Drones for Law Enforcement Operations

UK Police to Begin Testing Drones for Law Enforcement Operations

No matter where you look, drones are regularly in the news today. Whether it’s for innovation in digital photography and videography, or even for delivery of products such as with the Amazon drones, small UAVs have captured the imaginations of enthusiasts and the attention of commercial and government operators.

Two Departments Begin Feasibility Study and Testing

Recently both the Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police have begun testing of DJI drones that could be used in highly varied police investigations. Examples could include tracking criminal activity, locating missing persons, search and rescue, and videography or photography of crime scenes.

The Choice of DJI drones will not be a surprise to most in the drone community. DJI has established itself as the world leader in drone technology, offering ease of use, excellent performance, and strong camera performance with special features like POI tracking and image stabilization. DJI devices also remain relatively affordable considering their performance, so there’s already an excellent case for law enforcement agencies to make use of DJI products and other similar drones.

Project Leader Optimistic About Drone Benefits

Andy Hamilton, ranked Inspector, is overseeing the trials, and had some positive things to say about the adoption of drone technology by UK law enforcement. Hamilton was optimistic about the potential for drones to complement the functionality of police helicopters, and also noted the cost effectiveness of using drones compared to traditional aircraft. Hamilton was quoted as saying that drones will “allow officers to gain vital information, quickly and safely”.

Although optimistic, leadership within the police department are still realistic about some of the challenges that they will need to overcome. The drones being trialled cannot operate in inclement weather or in low light conditions, so while they could bring benefits to the police in certain scenarios, they won’t be something that the force can rely on at all times.

Learn More Developments as They Happen

Devon & Cornwall police have opened a new twitter account to help the public follow the drone trials, with future tweets to showcase developments and other information that is in the public interest. You can view the twitter account here, or keep up to date with the latest news on the Devon & Cornwall Police official website.

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