Job Description: Job Summary Absolute Ecology LLP is seeking self-employed subcontractors who are experienced UAV (drone) pilots within the UK, to work alongside Absolute Ecology LLP on various UAV operations within the UK and are willing to work under Absolute Ecology LLP umbrella.

Role Specification To complete a range of challenging UAV flights in highly urbanized areas to rural areas

To manage flight operations team members and deploy them as necessary to ensure safety of operations To work with surveyors to ensure successful delivery of project data to the team.

To complete pre-flight planning and checks to ensure flight plans are appropriate and that flights can be completed safely and without incident To communicate with the police, air traffic control and other relevant bodies To complete on-site maintenance of UAVs as required To ensure compliance for commercial operation and all associated legislation governing UAV flights Minimum Requirements.

To have completed a flight assessment and ground school from a CAA approved NQE, or be able to show equivalent competency in line with CAA requirements (e.g. BMFA) To have a minimum of 40 hours flying experience on small multi-rotor aircraft (< 20kg), and this is evidenced in their pilot’s logbook.

To have a high level of competency flying in non-GPS guided flight modes (Manual/ Attitude/ Height), in a variety of orientations and environmental conditions.

To have a solid understanding of the laws governing UAV flights To have a safe and risk averse approach to operations.

To have good organizational and communication skills To be able to work to agreed timescales and have good problem-solving skills To be able to project manage projects and provide good communication skills.

Send all CVs, insurance certificates and proof of qualification and day rates to Contact Person: Matthew Haydock (Ecologist & Partner Director) Email:

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