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DJI Announces a new Update Process for Firmware Updates and Software Activation

DJI Announces a new Update Process for Firmware Updates and Software Activation

Leading enthusiast and commercial drone producer DJI has recently announced a new process for international customers to use when activating and updating drone software and devices. The company has informed the public that the changes will take effect from late May 2017, and updates will ensure that customers are using the correct flight functions and geospatial information sets for their devices. Updates will be based on location information that is provided by users when creating a profile.

This is important news for any owner of a DJI device, including popular UAVs like the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro.

Updating DJI App Software

After the end of May, owners will need to update and login to the latest version of either DJI GO or GO 4 (device dependent). Even owners who registered upon purchase will be required to update their apps and login again to receive necessary updates.

Failing to update will result in some significant limitations for DJI devices. If activation is not completed using one of the updated apps, DJI owners will be limited to what is effectively a safe mode for drone operation. Streaming from the UAV to a smartphone or tablet device will be disabled, and drones will not be able to fly over an altitude of 30 metres, or 98 feet. Drones will also be limited to an area covering a 30 metre radius around the controller.

DJI advises that users will need a broadband internet connection or high speed data access from their mobile devices to receive the updates. Following update and successful login, safe mode restrictions will be removed and owners will be able to operate their drones as normal.

DJI Committed to Operator and Public Safety

This move shows initiative from DJI, proving that the company has a strong commitment to safe drone operation in all markets. As the undisputed market leader when it comes to enthusiast and professional drones, it sets a good example for the industry.

With drone manufacturers focusing on safe operation, and taking the time to localise geospatial and other data, it reduces the need for heavy limitations and legislation being placed on a somewhat unregulated activity.

If you’re a DJI customer, you can learn more about the updates at http://www.dji.com

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