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DJI and Elia Locardi Set to Host Aerial Photography Workshop World Tour

DJI and Elia Locardi Set to Host Aerial Photography Workshop World Tour

Even if you’ve only just recently become a drone enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of DJI, the leading manufacturer of personal and commercial drones. DJI has released a number of ground-breaking products in recent years, with a focus on usability, fun, and aerial photography. Just recently, the company has announced that it has partnered with videographer and photographer Elia Locardi, who will host the DJI Drone Photography Workshop World Tour.

The first event will be held in Portugal in May of 2017, and workshops will have both professionals and enthusiasts taking to the skies in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

What Happens at an Aerial Photography Workshop?

Drones have allowed millions of people to take up aerial photography, one of the most exciting forms of photography that can currently be enjoyed. The sky offers a whole new perspective on the world, and offers opportunities to take stunning urban and natural landscape shots that simply wouldn’t have been possible in the past.

DJI workshops cover all aspects of drone photography, from getting the best out of a drone in terms of performance and handling, to finding the best shots and locations for video capture, as well as perfecting stills and footage through computer based post processing. Having a master photographer like Elia Locardi will bring new insights and creativity to those who are interested in drone photography, and it will be a great opportunity to learn about this ever expanding niche of photography and videography.

Because DJI will be sponsoring the workshops around the world, there will be opportunities to learn about the latest technologies and innovations, and attendees will even get exclusive access to new products at discounted rates. DJI is well known as the leader in drone imaging and flight technology, so you won’t want to miss the world tour when it comes near you.

Securing Your Place at an Upcoming Workshop

These exclusive workshops are being offered on a first come, first served basis, so you’ll need to book now if you’re interested in attending. In addition to the opening workshop in Portugal this May 19, there will be workshops held in Spain (June 2017), Singapore (August 2017), and the United States and Switzerland. Dates for the final two workshops are yet to be announced, but you’ll still need to make an expression of interest now if you’re thinking about attending.

You’ll find more information and sign up details at Elia’s aerial photography website.

Learning from the Best – Who is Elia Locardi?

Elia is a passionate artist who has specialized in travel photography throughout his career. Most recently, he has embraced developments in aerial photography to capture new perspectives from scenes around the world. He has travelled to more than 55 countries, and regularly contributes to publications, and provides educational seminars and online blogs. As an artist who loves to share his passion and techniques, he’s the perfect professional to showcase both the DJI products and the best use applications for them.

In addition to having a keen eye for breath-taking vistas, he is also a pioneer in digital post processing. A fan of capturing high dynamic range and light, he uses a special technique where he will take exposures over several hours, to later combine them using a process that he calls Advanced Dynamic Blending.

In 2016, Locardi was named as one of the five best photographers in the world by Photoshop user Magazine, and he has also been named as one of the top travel photography bloggers by a USA Today poll.

If you want to learn from the best on the best drone equipment that is available, then you don’t want to miss out on this chance to meet Elia.

DJI Professional Drone Equipment

The Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company (DJI), is the leading drone manufacturer, responsible for UAVS like the Phantom and Mavic. DJI has invested heavily in their UAV technology, as well as in their imaging devices and camera stabilizers.

DJI can be given some of the credit for making drones widely available and affordable. The company has also invested a lot to make their products more accessible to the average enthusiast. In recent years, drone photography required highly specialized and prohibitively expensive equipment. Piloting skill was just as essential as an eye for photography, and this limited the use of drones (for the most part) to professional operators.

DJI’s accessible platform uses GPS technology, advanced sensors, and numerous avionics to reduce the learning curve required to safely operate a drone. DJI’s quadcopters interface with smartphones to provide low latency camera monitoring to capture all of the best shots. If you want to explore your artistic freedom by taking still images and high definition videos from the air, then a DJI unit would be one of the best options on the current market.

For commercial operators, DJI even produces devices like the Spreading Wings S800 UAV that uses six rotors instead of four, which is aimed at high end photography and mapping. The Spreading Wings model can also be used in search and rescue scenarios.

Taking Aerial Photography to the Next Level

If you’ve been looking for a premium workshop where you can learn from a real industry professional, the DJI Aerial Photography Workshop World Tour will be a great opportunity. Elia’s insights could help you to raise your photography skills, while picking up new tricks and techniques that will allow you to capture the shots that you’ve been missing.

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