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5 Benefits of Drones (UAS) That Might Surprise You

While many people associate drones with military operations, surveillance, and espionage, there are a number of non-military uses for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and some of them may even surprise you.

As drones have become more affordable and more capable, government, commercial, and consumer operators have embraced the technology, and today it’s possible to use drones for everything from search and rescue, to infrastructure design and maintenance.

Here are 5 benefits of drones that illustrate just how important UAS technology is in the modern world.

Drones Help to Report on Important Stories

Getting media footage from inaccessible areas is made easier with the use of drones. Drones can help media companies to get closer to natural disaster areas, warzones, and anywhere that would be impossible, impractical, or unsafe for a camera crew to visit. This helps to bring audiences closer to news that might otherwise not have been covered in such detail.

The use of drones in the media also helps to create jobs, and the demand for skilled drone photographers and videographers will grow in the future.

Drones in Law Enforcement and Corrections

Drones can be used by police to locate criminals in urban and rural areas, they can be used to identify areas of criminal activity, and they could even be used to track offenders or prison escapees. UAS technology can also be used to help locate missing persons, or to analyze serious crash scenes. The potential use case scenarios for UAS in law enforcement are growing every year.

Agricultural Operators Can Benefit from UAS Technology

Crop management and livestock management can be particularly intensive and time consuming. Farmers can increase productivity on properties by using UAS to survey pasture and crops, and to locate herds without needing to physically move around a farm. Drones can help to locate damaged fencing, they can be used to check water levels and pasture levels on different paddocks, and generally will increase the visibility that a farmer has, while greatly improving time efficiency.

UAS Helps with Infrastructure Planning and Maintenance

Local councils and other infrastructure operators can use UAS to check condition of roads, monitor traffic, explore potential routes for new infrastructure, and they can locate damage to electrical and communication lines. Drones can also be used to check structural integrity of large buildings without needing expensive cranes and scaffolding for manual inspection.

Drones Can Be Used in Search and Rescue

Locating people in distress situations is always a challenge for search and rescue workers. UAS can be used as a more affordable alternative to helicopters, and newer drones are powerful enough to carry small payloads that can allow for the drop of essential survival supplies to assist those in need. Drones can be used for first response, particularly if there’s likely to be a significant delay before ground teams can make it to people in distress.

The benefits of UAS technology will continue to grow in the coming years, offering opportunities to improve both public and private services in communities around the world.

META: Discover different ways that drones are being used today. UAS technology has more benefits than you think, and it’s not just all in military applications.

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